About Emmanuel

If you love to feel naturally healthy, and find easier and cheaper ways to do things, you surely will feel right at home here.

This site is basically about natural attempts to live a better and healthier life. It covers other areas such remedies for doing things simple and less costly as well as our pet’s well-being.

I started this site after going through many conventional attempts to control high blood pressure and some other ailments. I turned to natural methods available for these problems and since then I have been doing good.

It all started when I drew on my knowledge and experience from West Africa combined with the extensive studies in the United States.

I grew up in the tropical zone of Ghana, West Africa. I did my six years university work in Kumasi, a dense rain forest city in central Ghana. My interest was in appreciation, benefits and value of nature and art.

My family almost totally depended on natural foods and remedies for treatment. The forests provided extensive categories of herbs for various ailments such as pile, cold, constipation and diarrhea. Special branches of trees were also used for teeth whitening.

When I moved to the United States of America, my food pattern changed dramatically because I started enjoying fast foods. Suddenly I started having ailments I never had before, such as allergies, pneumonia, high BP, and lose of energy. I also started gaining weight.

My first approach to solving these problems was to depend on conventional medicines. Some postponed the problems for a while but added some side effects that were not acceptable. Eventually, I decided to go the natural route and that was where I got my breakthrough. Today, I can say all these ailments are gone and the BP is under control.

This also led me to go deeper into research for natural cures from research institutes across America, the native Indian medicines, and the Amazons.

Could you imagine surgical treatment for a dog with kidney stone was going to cost its owner over $5000? Yet a simple dose of aspirin, orange juice and yogurt brought the stones out?
The human body is designed to absorb natural fixes. My research combined with the knowledge acquired from tropical West Africa has brought forth important remedies that are very useful to many people today.

In addition, a well-rounded healthy growth also needs a stress free environment. That is why I extended the research to cover other areas like cheaper ways to do things.

Except for some conditions that call for medical attention, I will admonish you to seriously look into original treatment methods and discover how best they can help you.

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