Healthy Pregnancy Tips To Overcome Complaints

It is always good to have some healthy pregnancy tips at hand when the time comes. There are pregnancy complaints and pregnancy problems. The problems may consist of serious issues such as possible miscarriage or blood sugar gestational diabetes. Such problems need medical attention.  Complaints such weight gain, swollen foot, nausea, and other preventive issues can be resolved with natural remedies.

Healthy Pregnancy Tips For Women

Indigestion and heartburn

Your levels of hormones and estrogen increase during pregnancy. This can slow down your food digestion, causing your valve that keeps the acid in the stomach to be relaxed. Whiles this takes place, the baby also pushes upward on the stomach causing great discomfort. Here are some natural healthy pregnancy tips to deal with that.

Almond remedy

Eat about 12 – 15 raw almonds after every snack and meal. It has a natural chemical that helps to tone the sphincter between and esophagus and the stomach and helps the acid to stay in the stomach. This helps to reduce the heartburn.

Meadowsweet for digestion

Healthy pregnancy tips for digestion may include meadowsweet which is good for women. It the best digestive herb recommended.  Prepare a tea with a tablespoonful of the herb in a cup of boiling water and sip it four times a day.   You can also take between 15- 45 drops of the tincture diluted in a bit of water one to four times a day.

Protein for insomnia

Insomnia is a very common problem during pregnancy. The baby’s movement keeps waking you up or you wake up to urinate quite often. Here are some healthy pregnancy tips to reduce sleeplessness.

Most pregnant women wake up at night hungry and can’t go back to sleep. Some women are so tired at night and just eat any improper food before going to bed. At the same time your metabolism burns a lot of energy to support the growing baby starving you of food at night and causing you to wake up hungry.

Eat some protein-carbohydrate snack right before you get to bed and keep some beside your bed to eat when you wake up suddenly. A little bit of protein and carbohydrate help pregnant women to fall back to sleep quickly when they wake up at night. Two great choices are fruit yogurt, handful of almonds, and banana.

Other healthy pregnancy tips to sleep well may include calcium and magnesium. These nutritional supplements taken at bedtime can calm the nerves and muscles and help pregnant women sleep. For maximum absorption take calcium nitrate or calcium lactate. Use the recommended dosage on container.

Varicose veins remedy

A growing fetus may put pressure on a pregnant woman’s circulatory system causing blood to pool in the legs instead of returning to the heart. This can cause varicose veins to develop. Some of the healthy pregnancy tips and remedies that can prevent or reduce these unsightly veins may include the following.

Horse chestnut for treatment

This is one of the best natural medicines for reducing varicose veins after the first trimester. A recommended dosage of 5 – 15 drops of tincture diluted in ¼ cup of water and taken 2 or 3 times in a day is suggested.

Exercise to help upward flow

Do a vigorous “pelvic tilting” to increase blood flow from the legs to the upper body in the second and third trimester.

The best way to do this is to stand with your feet about 18 inches apart and place your hands on your hips. Move your hip forward and backward slowly and gradually increase the speed until you swing the hip back and forward vigorously. You may also roll and rock your hip to make the figure eight in belly-dancing fashion. Workout with this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day. It is one of the unique healthy pregnancy tips to practice.

Dealing with back pains

This is a major complaint with pregnant women especially in the last three months. Weight gain causes the back muscles to be stressed out, and the body’s center of gravity also changes as the growing baby takes up more room.

Exercise remedy

Here is the exercise that can elongate your lower back. You may get down on your knees and hands. Hold your abdominal muscles while breathing and round your back for about 10 seconds. Release the muscles by flattening your back and make sure you don’t make your back concave. Repeat this process 12 times. You may continue with it after childbirth if you want.

More remedies

  • Take 2 glasses of water quickly when back pain strikes.

If it is caused by dehydration, the pain will subside. Pains in the back can also be caused by constipation problems so confer with good diets, supplements, and proper rest.

Hormonal changes, baby positioning and fluid and fiber intake, and iron pills can influence the bowel movement negatively.

  • Consider fiber foods, vegetables, fruits, dried fruits like prunes, hot beverages, and lemon juice with water for treatment.
  • Calcium and magnesium minerals also help to reduce muscle spasms. The required dosage can be taken 2 times daily.
  • Floating in water like a swimming pool makes you feel weightless and relieves you of the pain for a while
  • You can also alternate hot and cold towels over your back for a quick relieve.
  • Support your belly and back with pillows at night especially when you go to bed.
  • Many pregnant women do not pay attention to the way they sit when they are pregnant. Make the effort to sit straight every time.
  • Be careful not to wear high heels when you are pregnant because it takes a heavy toll on the back.

These are more healthy pregnancy tips for pain treatment.

Reflex remedy

The baby can put pressure on your large sciatic nerve that passes from your lower back to the legs. This causes the nerve to be inflamed, leading to severe lower back pain.

Every body area has a reflex point on the feet and sciatic nerve has it on the heels. If you are in the second or third trimester, hold one heel and press on it gently and release your thumb to stimulate the nerve. Do the same for the other heel two minutes each day until you experience results. Experiment with these natural healthy

Homeopathic pregnancy pains relief

If you are interested in looking into homeopathic remedies, then consider some of the methods below.

  • Aesculus Hippocastanum is good for lower back pains that get worse when you are sitting.
  • Bryonia is for back pains that gets worse when your moving, or when it gets cold.
  • Ignitia is for spasm of the back and cramping due to emotional stress.

Bleeding gums and pains

If your estrogen production is increased, it can cause the gum to be swollen, soft and sensitive to bleeding. A good diet and supplements can take care of that.

  • Include calcium foods in your menu such as sea vegetables, soybeans, green leaf vegetables (except spinach) and cultured yogurt (unsweetened)
  • Stay away from spinach, tomatoes, rhubarb, and chocolates. They prevent the body from absorbing calcium.
  • Take the proper dosage of non acidic vitamin C for preventing digestive upset.
  • You can also take the required dosage of bioflavonoid complex to reduce the inflammation of the gum.

These healthy pregnancy tips and remedies can also be effective for pregnancy pains due to bleeding gums.

  • Myrrh: Add 15 drops of myrrh tincture to 2 ounces of water and swish it around in your mouth for a while before spitting it out. Myrrh heals the mucosa of the mouth.
  • Calendula: Combine 5 drops of calendula with 2 ounces of water and swish your mouth with it and spit it out. It also takes care of the mucosa. These healthy pregnancy tips are very natural.

Breast infection and tenderness

If you experience breast infection and tenderness that is causing pain, take the recommended dosage of vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta carotene daily. Eat a lot of green salads or take green drinks to get chlorophyll which helps to heal the infection. Green supplements such as green magma and chlorella also provide chlorophyll.

If your breast is caked or crusted, rub some almond oil, wheat germ oil, or cocoa butter on it for pregnancy pains treatment. You may also warm some elder flowers in oil and apply it to the breast.

If your breast is engorged (full of milk with pain) during nursing, apply ice bag to it to reduce the pain. These healthy pregnancy tips are very helpful in time of need.

Other old-time remedies

The baby can put pressure on your large sciatic nerve that passes from your lower back to the legs. This causes the nerve to be inflamed, leading to severe lower back pain. Every body area has a reflex point on the feet and sciatic nerve has it on the heels.

If you are in the second or third trimester, hold one heel and press on it gently and release your thumb to stimulate the nerve. Do the same for the other heel two minutes each day until you experience results. Experiment with these natural healthy pregnancy tips to help your situation.

Oats straw tea for nausea

Add 2 tablespoons of oats straw tea to 2 cups of boiling water and drink for ½ an hour for nausea relief.

Lemon juice for nausea

In some cases, lemon, lime, or little vinegar in water gives relief. Ginger and mint teas are also good remedies.

Raspberry teas for painful childbirth

Many obstetricians prescribe this herbal home remedies for easier childbirth. Raspberry contains A, B, C, and E vitamins, calcium, iron, and more minerals that can reduce labor pains.

Some specialists suggest taking the tea everyday during pregnancy, others suggest six months to delivery time, while some recommend taking it 6 weeks to childbirth. The tea can be one of the simplest healthy pregnancy tips to counter painful childbirth.

Cascara Sagrada supplement for constipation

Pregnant women who suffer from constipation can depend on this natural laxative supplement for results. Rhubarb tea is also helpful.


For scalding and itching caused by urine, depend on marshmallow root supplements or flaxseed for treatment.

For cramps

Cramp bark supplements and extracts are effective in relaxing spasms of all kinds such as asthma, cramps of the limbs, hysteria, or other parts of the female during pregnancy. It is also said to be highly beneficial to those who suffer convulsion during pregnancy or at the time of parturition, if used daily for the last 2 to 3 months of gestation. Pay attention to these healthy pregnancy tips.

Tansy herbs for convulsion

This herb will stop convulsion in confinement. It is also good for preventing miscarriage. Make an infusion and drink it. It is easy to get online.

Swelling of feet and limbs

Take the recommended dosage of queen of the meadow root, or marshmallow root, or haircap moss supplements for treatment. They are healthy pregnancy tips known to help swellings.

For distention of skin

The remedy below is good for the skin of the belly that is cracked and sore in the advanced stages of pregnancy. Dissolve a small quantity of camphor in a warm olive oil and use it to rub the skin frequently.

With all these natural and healthy pregnancy tips at hand, you should not lack easier methods to counter not-so-serious complaints.

You might want to inform your medical specialist about your intention to use some of these herbs, especially if you are on any medication.

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