Your Home Remedies For Dry Hair Is Here

Good home remedies for dry hair can make your day. When your hair looks good, shiny and bouncy with the right color, you have a lot of confidence.

When it is dry you try many avenues to take care of it. Your most secret weapon for the cure lies in natural products. You will be amazed what these can do.

Dry hair can mean many different things. The hair can be fine and flabby but dry, or rough and curly but dry.  The hair can also have oily roots and dry ends.

Hair also tends to dry out the older we grow because the body’s sebaceous glands cannot produce enough natural oil to feed the hair.

Dry hair can be caused by many different reasons. One flaky cause can be too much chlorinated, salty, soapy or foamy water.

Two important causes of dry hair are genetics, and improper diet lacking essential fatty acids, iron, and zinc.

People born with frizzy or curly hair may have dry hair because it is porous.

You cannot do anything about genetics but the hair affected by other reasons can be treated with home remedies for dry hair naturally.

Avocado conditioner for your hair

Avocado hair conditioning treatment is good at delivering protein to the hair shaft. This helps the hair to be strengthened and moist. Lack of protein will make the hair brittle, and lack of moisture will make it look dry.

Here is the remedy

  • 2 teaspoons of wheat germ oil
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 2 teaspoons of jojoba
  • Mix all these together in a medium bowl. You can use this two times so apply half of the mixed content to your hair (which is already shampooed) and scalp.  Massage it well into the scalp with your fingers.
  • Cover your hair with plastic bag for about 25 minutes, before washing it off. Try to do this once a week and observe the outcome. You can store the rest of the oil in the fridge but always reuse it at room temperature.

What chamomile can do

Mix the following home remedies for dry hair together as recommended.

  • 2/3 cup of dried chamomile flowers
  • 2/3 cup of olive oil or grape-seed oil or canola oil

This mixture is made for two servings so use the conditioner once a week on dry or over processed hair. The olive oil works best with the hair that is coarse or curly, and the grape seed oil works better for fine, and straight hair. If you don’t have access to grape-seed oil, use canola oil which works fine too.

How to make it

  • Put both flowers and the oil in a glass jar and cover it.
  • Place the jar in the sun or sunny window for 14 days.
  • Make sure you shake the jar daily.
  • At the end of the 14 days, strain the oil and remove away the flowers.

How to use it

Start by brushing your hair. Moisten your hands with water and pour a little quantity of the oil into each hand. A teaspoon of the oil in each hand is enough for the short type of hair. Rub the oil into your hair and make sure you keep it away from the scalp. You don't want it to touch the scalp.

If you want your hair to have extra conditioning, and to be normally oiled, wrap your head in a towel that is wet and hot. You can let the oil stay on for about fifteen minutes depending on how dry your hair is. After that, shampoo and style your hair the way you want.

Keep the oil in the fridge and when you want to use it again, make sure you bring it back to room temperature before using it.  This recipe is enough for eighteen short-hair treatments.

Banana and olive oil

If you have a frizzy, dry or damaged hair, this home remedy will be of grate help to you.

  • ½ ripe banana
  • ½ ripe avocado
  • 1 tablespoon of virgin olive oil
  • 3 drops of lemon oil

Place the banana and avocado in a bowl and mash them together. Add the olive oil and the lemon oil to the bowl and stir to mix properly. Use the mixture on your hair and cover it with a shower cap. Let it stay on about an hour before shampooing your hair. You may repeat these home remedies for dry hair 3 times a week if your hair is badly damaged until you see the shine and bounce come back.

Remedy for dry hair-split ends

Add 1 teaspoon of honey to 1 tablespoon of garlic oil in a bowl and beat 1 egg yolk into it. Apply the mixture to your hair portion by portion and cover it with shower cap for about half an hour and rinse it off. Shampoo your hair as usual. You may repeat this process if need be.

Aromatherapy essential oils

Essential oils can restore shine to your dry hair. Add together 8 drops of cedarwood oil to 8 drops clary sage, 2 ounces of jojoba oil, and 4 drops of lavender, and use half of it to massage your scalp and hair. Keep the rest refrigerated for another use.

Cover the hair and sleep with it till next day. Use these home remedies for dry hair twice a week for treatment.

Jojoba, clary sage, and cedarwood oils help regulate oil production in the sebaceous glands. Lavender helps to stimulate circulation to the scalp to improve the condition of the hair. The oils also feed and make the hair naturally wet.

Thuja homeopathic alternative

This remedy is geared toward people with lack luster dry brittle hair. Thuja, is believed to slow down thin textured hair from growing.

It also helps dry hair that is combined with greasy and unhealthy skin to grow properly. Homeopathic medicines are strong so you might want to seek a clearance from your dermatologist before using them.

General home remedies for dry hair

Emphasis on diet home remedies for dry hair is very important for excellent growth. Diet plays a significant role in how your hair looks so rely on foods that cool and feed your system such as water chestnuts, berries, and pears.
Increase your intake of beneficial oils such as the oil of cold water fish like mackerel and  salmon.

Pay attention to biotin found mostly in beans, and selenium and Zinc, found in mushrooms and root vegetables. They contribute to good hair condition.

Limit the use of blow dryer to once a week and only wash your hair every other day. Restrict the use of shampoos with harsh chemicals.  These chemicals can be very damaging. Depend on natural conditioners for your hair.

Beware if you are a smoker because smoking sucks up vitamin C which the hair needs for growth, and it also constricts the blood vessels and restricts the much needed nutrients to the hair. Stop smoking and you will see a difference.

Go through these home remedies for dry hair and see which one best suits your condition to use for treatment.

Remember not to leave your dermatologist out of your plans for natural approach.

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