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You may try natural home remedies for eczema treatment rather than using trial drugs. Medical attention can help but look at how hooked you can be to drugs with numerous side effects?

On the other side, real natural cures can handle this problem very well unless it is a severe situation that calls for immediate medical attention.

Eczema (dermatitis) is an inflamed skin disorder that is itchy and looks reddish.   

Chronic eczema can instigate itchy and leathery skin, causing scales and changes in skin color. Eczema is very common and affects one in twelve people.

Eczema usually first appears in early childhood and tends to disappear when the child grows up. However, it can resurface at a later stage, and can also affect an adult who hasn’t previously suffered.

There are different types of eczema. The main ones are contact eczema, caused by an allergen coming in contact with the skin, and atopic eczema which is passed on genetically. Others include Neurodermatitis, which is a result of scratches caused by tight things to the body. Seborrheic dermatitis appears as a stubborn itchy dandruff, and Stasis dermatitis which causes a discolored skin.

Some of the causes of eczema include poor digestion, low stomach acid levels, food allergies or sensitivities, and stress. Look into the following home remedies for eczema and choose what best suits you.

Pure alternative means

Shea butter at work

Shea butter has high amounts of non-saponifiable fatty acids. These irremovable fatty acids give the butter its unique healing properties for eczema. Use unrefined Shea butter for your treatment. Shea butter is also very useful for other kinds of scars like that of acne.

Neem remedy

Neem contains compounds called nimbin which calms the skin, and nimbidin which is anti-inflammatory. The anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties in neem protect broken skin from secondary infection and speed up its healing.

You can use it topically as a cream, at least twice a day to the affected area. You can also mix neem oil with warm bath water. Do not add anything else to the water except the neem oil. The oil can also be used for different skin problems including that of psoriasis.

Other important remedies

  • For external treatment, put two chaparral capsules into a pint of just boiled water and cover it for 10 minutes. Strain it with unbleached muslin cloth and dip a white washcloth into it. Put it on the sore spots 15 minutes twice a day for treatment. Chaparral is available in Walmart, Walgreen, and other stores in the US. It could be found under different names in other countries.

  • Eat a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses daily for treatment.
  • Eat one raw potato a day if you can stand the taste. It does help skin rashes.
  • Watercress leaves are one of the home remedies for eczema that you might consider eating daily for treatment.

  • Consider taking Crystal Star Adrenal Energy to help form adrenal cortex that regulates the body’s metabolism and build back your body. It can be found in pharmaceutical departments in stores.

  • Another one of the home remedies for eczema is propolis. You may take the propolis supplement and apply the extract to the affected areas.

  • Consider drinking a combination of dandelion, licorice and burdock tea and dipping clean washcloth in the rest for topical treatment on the affected areas.
  • If you are patient for treatment, you may apply evening primrose oil to the eczema 4-6 times daily for at least 3-6 months. You can also use borage seed oil or black currant seed oil.
  • For effective remedy, make a mix and take 2 tablespoons daily of the recommended natural cures. Lecithin granules, brewer’s yeast, and unsulfured molasses.

Essential oil method of relief

German essential oil and high-alpine lavenders are great for relieving eczema because they contain nutritional factors. Put 4 droplets of each essential oil in a 1 ounce base oil of evening primrose oil and use it on the affected area.

You can also use topical creams only made of 12.5 percent evening primrose to improve eczema symptoms. These home remedies for eczema work well with normal eczema problems but if your eczema is very severe, then you need to see a doctor. Do not apply these remedies.

Evening primrose home remedies for eczema

Evening primrose oil is normally used for treating atopic dermatitis in adults and children. The evening primrose contains the skin boosting omega-6 fatty acid, gamma lanolenic acid (GLA). Use the following combination mixed up for your treatment.

Add 4 ounces of Jojoba oil to 4 ounces of evening primrose as base oil. Add 20 droplets of lavender, 30 doplets of German Chamomile, and 40 droplets of palmarosa essential oils. Mix the content thoroughly and keep aside in room temperature for a day, then use it to rub the affected areas but do clean your body with water first. You can use these home remedies for eczema a number of times for two days.

This oil is an effective anti-inflammatory which helps to improve skin conditions when ingested. Follow the instructions on package for ingestion by adults and children. If you want the full benefit of it then you have to take it for a while.

You may also use topical creams made of 12.5 percent evening primrose for eczema symptoms.

Can't do without herbs

Bark of oak tree

The bark of an oak tree can be used to treat wet eczema which is also known as weeping eczema. Wet eczema causes the skin to ooze.

The bark of the oak tree has a strong power to shrink the skin because its tannin content is high. Boil some of it in water for 15 to 20 minutes  and use the liquid to make a compress and apply it to the affected area three times a day. For best results, apply it the same day.You may get them from Amazon or from common oak trees if you live near them.

Chickweed treatment

There is a natural detergent in chickweed called saponims that can bring relief to the skin and also tone down the itching. You may make a compress like that of the oak tree bark, for treatment.
You may also use chickweed cream on the afflicted skin. Apply the cream 6 times a day to the affected area. You may get it in stores.

Juicing remedies

Fresh juices from asparagus,  huckleberry, blueberry, and elderberry, are very effective home remedies for eczema.
Combine them with appropriate diet and precautions and you will get an excellent result

method of juicing

Get the green variety which has more vitamins in it. Remove the top and lightly steam them for a side dish. Juice the tough stemsin a centrifugal or masticating juicer to extract juice. Eight asparagus stemsgenerally yield about one-half cup.

You might want to dilute it in an equal amount of low sodium vegetable or tomato juice, because of its high alkalinity. Asparagus also contains asparagines which enables the body to rid itself of toxic waste materials.

Asparagus juice may produce an odor to your urine. This only proves that your body is undergoing proper detoxification and your kidneys are functioning properly.
Asparagus can also be used in treating different kinds of skin issues like rosacea.

Get a good detox

Skin problems usually indicate that there is poison in the body. It could be from toxic foods, allergenic substances or emotional stress. Use the following detox methods to remove the poisons from your system.

If your eczema is chronic

If you are experiencing chronic eczema, go on a juice fast for 3 days  once a month to to clean all the toxins out of the body. Green drinks with elderberry, asparagus,  and spirulina,  help to remove toxins from the blood, and eczema.

Children from the age of five and above may have to get permission from the nutritionist before using this treatment method.

Your diet may change

You might want to reevaluate your diet and see what food home remedies for eczema can help you. Aim for a balanced nutrition. Eat plenty of different colored vegetables (veggies) raw or lightly cooked. They contain high amount of beta-carotene which is good for the skin.

  • Fruits such as cranberries, blueberries, pears and bananas are recommended. Munk beans, bamboo shoots and purslane are also beneficial.
  • You should consume essential fatty acids everyday. Flaxseed and flaxseed oil are great sources of fatty acids. Add some oil and seeds to your foods and vegetables. Do not bake or expose flaxseeds and their oils to high temperature, because they change with heat.
  • Consider eating more cold-water fish such as salmon, and mackerel if you can afford it. For children, add a teaspoon of fish oil a day. Fat from the fish reduces swellings and adds moist to the skin.
  • Pumpkin or sun flower seeds  are excellent source of zinc, a mineral that promotes the proper vitality of essential fatty acids.
  • Take one glass of milk with 4 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses morning and evening for 14 days for relief. If you are allergic to milk, do not use this method.
  • Consider eating sour foods regularly if your eczema is caused by Candidiasis. This encourages the growth of “good bacteria” for strong immune system.

Diet home remedies for eczema play a very significant role in treating eczema.

Which foods cause eczema?

Allergy to foods especially milk can cause eczema mostly in children.

Some other foods like  citrus fruits, eggs, barley, wheat, and soy may also inspire eczema.

Put away these foods for about a month and a half and reintroduce them one at a time while you pay attention to your skin. Eat pumpkin or sun flower seeds daily.

Food additives contribute to toxins and skin reactions, so try to restrict them.

Solid and saturated fats negatively affect essential fatty acids in your body. Such fats include margarine, and shortening.

Restrict foods that cause swellings, such as sugar, alcohol, and spicy foods.

There is a close link between digestive tract and eczema, so if you have constipation,  you will need to tackle the ailment with internal remedies for eczema treatment. Follow these home remedies for eczema for a good relief.

Self care issues

Avoid antiperspirants: Some antiperspirants have metallic salts like zirconium chlorohydrates, aluminum sulfate, and aluminum chloride. These ingredients cause irritation to sensitive skins.

You must also watch what you wear and don’t let it be so tight on you. Give some room to your body so that you don’t sweat out of using wrong clothes. Be careful of harsh soaps and do not be quick to scratch your eczema itching body.

Use the necessary self care precautions, apply some important methods like proper dieting for these home remedies for eczema will be of tremendous help to you. You might want to consult your physician before using some of the home remedies for eczema.

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