Home Remedies For Knee Pain That Work

If you have knee problems don’t overlook home remedies for knee pain. Yes, you might need to consult your physician if needed but natural healing methods do help a lot in instances that do not call for serious medical attention.

The knee has two bones called femur and tibia. They balance on one another and are laced with muscles and connective tissue.

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Home remedies for knee pain

Your knee pain can also be caused by too much body weight on your ankle which can lead to ankle alignment problem. The bones in your lower leg become twisted and this puts a lot of strain on the soft tissues at your knee joints causing you to experience knee pain.

It is important to let your medical attendant determine the true causes of your pain before you begin to administer any home remedies for knee pain.

In this case, if it is the problem of misaligned ankle, then the following exercise can be helpful for knee pain treatment.

Tightrope exercise

This exercise will help you align your ankle over your foot and your knee over your ankle.

Stretch 2 parallel lines 6 inches apart with a masking tape on the ground such as a hallway. Walk on the lines with your bare feet aligning the center of each heel to the inner edge of tape.
You must also align the second toe of each foot to the inner edge of the tape.

Walk it to and fro for about 5 minutes 3 times in a day to redistribute your body weight proportionately through the knee joint. Follow the home remedies for knee pain below for relief.

Ligament pain

If you feel the pain in the ligament, mix 1 drop of lemongrass essential oil with 4 drops of vegetable oil and massage the bottom of the foot with it.

Nerve tissue pain

If pain is from nerve tissue, mix 1 drop of geranium essential oil with 4 drops of lemon grass and apply it the same way. Use the essential oils 2 time in a day for knee pain relief.

Nerve tissue pain

If pain is from nerve tissue, mix 1 drop of geranium essential oil with 4 drops of lemon grass and apply it the same way. Use the essential oils 2 time in a day for knee pain relief.

Reflex point on knee

The feet have many reflex points that correspond to specific parts of the body. The reflex point to the knee is somewhere under your feet. If you can locate the point you can apply some essential oils to it and expect the knee pains to subside. However, to make it simple on you,  massage the whole bottom of your feet with the oils such as lemon grass, and geranium.

Vinegar - salt remedy

Sometimes the cartilage on the knee joints begins to wear off due to overuse or age. This can cause much pain and the simplest knee pain remedy is to add 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and I cup of Epsom salt to a hot bathtub of water and soak your entire body in it for a while for the ache to dissipate.

Compresses remedy

If you feel knee pains after you exercise, place warm moist towel over it for a while before you exercise. After your workout, place a cold moist towel over the knees to alleviate pains.

French’s mustard method

When you experience pains in your knees rub some French’s mustard or any other strong mustard around your knees and let it dry up. Rinse it off with water and repeat the process a number of times for relief. This is one of the simple home remedies for knee pain you can get access to.

Rice home remedies for knee pain

This method is said to have worked for some people so you may try it out. Heat a handful of dry rice for 1 minute in a microwave and tie it in a sock (not too tight). Place the sock over your knee for about 10 minutes for relief.

Swelling knee remedy

If you are experiencing some swellings and soreness around your knees, add 15 drops of celery seed essential oil to 4 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and rub your knees with it about 2 to 3 times in a day for a few days. This should reduce the swelling and soreness.

Camphor and olive oil

If you feel stiffness and pains in the joints of your knees, dissolve some  camphor gum block in olive oil and rub the joints 3 to 4 times in a day for relief.

Camphor and sunflower oil

Combine these home remedies for knee pain for your treatment. Add 1 teaspoon of camphor to ¼ cup of sunflower oil and rub the oil on the affected knee to relieve the pain and strain.

Garlic and mustard oil

Crush and mix a few cloves of garlic with mustard oil or olive oil and apply it to the pain area of the knee. Rap a bandage over the poultice and let it stay especially throughout the night to get a good relief.

Ginger and turmeric

Mix 1 teaspoon each of fresh ginger paste and turmeric and apply to the affected knee area. Rap the knee with a bandage. If your knee is swollen, add some salt to the mixture before applying it for relief.

Horseradish remedy

Grate some fresh horseradish root, moisten it with water and put it in little porous bag and use it as a poultice over the knee for pain treatment.

The way you walk

Watch your steps once a while when you walk and see if your toes are pointing outward. Try to walk with a foot position as if you are walking on a tight rope. This helps to properly align your ankle which affects the way your knee performs.

General remedies

  • You can release pressure on the knee by losing some weight
  • Use the proper knee pads when you perform certain types of work
  • Rely on low heel shoes in moving around (this is for women)
  • You need enough water in your system to lubricate knees
  • Alcohol and nicotine won’t help your knees so try to avoid them

These home remedies for knee pain can bring you great relief but if your condition persists for a week, you will need to see a physician.

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