Learn How to Quit Smoking Naturally

Find out how to quit smoking naturally with just nutrition supplements in just seventy two hours. This might sound unbelievable but it’s real. The right approach brings the right result.

Only one out of four nicotine addicts recover from the structured programs such as the AA program.

You have tried many mood-changing prescription drugs and counseling, but none could help you quit the habit of smoking.
What else can you do but give the natural means the chance to help you.

We will discus how to quit smoking naturally and effectively.
This method will reduce your cravings for nicotine within three days. You may choose to continue to the next level of full detoxification similar to that of caffeine to clean you of all toxins in your body.
All these methods work very well for all kinds of addiction whether it is a drinking problem or cocaine addiction.

The 72 hours plan

This plan of how to quit smoking naturally, corrects nutrient deficiency to bring back balance to the brain. This method can reduce your cravings for nicotine in three days. First of all we need to understand how this works.

How plan works
There are brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters that send messages to the body and  brain. There are four types of these chemicals that help us maintain chemical balance in our brain.

The chemicals help us to withstand pressures such as anger, stress, anxiety and shocks if they receive proper nutrition. However if the nutrition is deficient, an imbalance occurs which causes our mood to change.  The mood swings result in strong cravings for nicotine, alcohol, and many different kinds of addiction.

The four types of chemicals include

  • Catecholamines which helps us to be excited.
  • Serotonin which stabilizes our disturbing emotions.
  • GABA helps us to reduce the effects of anxiety, worry and more.
  • Endorphins which help to neutralize pain.

The best way to reduce cravings is to know what nutrition supplements to apply to any of the four chemicals that affect our mood swing and cause us to crave for nicotine.

How to quit smoking naturally as recommended

There is a nicotine related questionnaire for you to answer. Your rating will determine which type of chemical deficiency affects you and what supplements will help overcome the situation.

Here is questionnaire
This will help you to determine how to quit smoking naturally.

  1. Do you do amphetamines or cocaine beside smoking cigarette? --- 5 point for yes.   
  2. Do you smoke cigarette or smokeless tobacco? --- 1 point for each park.  
  3. Do you have history of bipolar disorder in your family? --- 2 points for yes.
  4. Do you have depression in your family? --- 2 points for yes.
  5. Do you like to take risk or do you like to be thrilled? --- 3 points for yes.   
  6. Do you get tired, lose energy, or unable to feel pleasure? --- 3 points for yes.
  7. Is your response positive to any anti depressant drugs ? --- 5 points for yes.
  8. Is your response positive to prescription drugs such as Ritalin? --- 5 point for yes.

If your total points are between 11 and 14, that makes you fall within the category of Catecholamines deficiency according to medical research. The solution is going to be in nutritional supplements. However, you always have to inquire from your personal doctor before undertaking any serious plan of health.

Here is the remedy to stop smoking

The following nutrients are of low supply in any smoker deficient in Catecholamines. They need to be replenished to help the smoker quit smoking.

  • L-Tyrosine is a amino acid nutrient that helps to produce Catecholamines. These are not prescription drugs. Follow the instructions on the container to use it effectively. If you are using any drugs for depression, find out first from your doctor before using Tyrosine.
  • L-Glutamine is also a type of amino acid that helps smokers to relax. You can buy the powder form for less money. People with other health problems such as cirrhosis, and disease of the liver must consult their doctor before using it.
  • Vitamin B Complex capsule is very important for producing Catecholamines. The B vitamin has to contain at least 50 mg of Niacinamide and vitamin B6 so that you don’t experience niacin flush. Experiencing a yellowish urine after using vitamin B is normal. The body is just releasing unused vitamin. It is important to follow instructions on the container and also refer to your doctor for any advice.
  • Vitamin C is also required for this kind of nicotine treatment. Just be aware that you can have a bowel movement if you take large doses of the vitamin. So just stay with the required dosage.
  • Multimineral Supplements are very much needed. They must include the following minerals: calcium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, selenium, copper, chromium, molybdenum, and Mcg. Write these down and observe the container when you buy it. Please if you are on dialysis, or have kidney problem consult your doctor before taking the nutrition.

This method explains how to quit smoking naturally in 72 hours with the help of nutritional supplements. If you are honest with yourself and apply the method properly you will see results. Take the effects of smoking and using tobacco seriously and help yourself.

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