26 Ways Smart Moms Save Time And Money on Kids

It is very profitable to know the ways smart moms save time and money on kids. You will realize how much time you have left for other important things. You will also notice that you can do many things for your children at a lower cost and a smarter way. Go through some of the items below and see how best they can help you.

Smart ways to care for kid's needs

Peas to your baby

Parents are highly recommended by doctors to feed their new babies with peas. Unfortunately, many babies resent eating peas. To solve that problem quickly, mix the green peas with rice cereal and your baby will go for it a lot easier.

Cut cost for school activities

Here are number of ways smart moms save time and money on kids in public school system. Some school districts offer reduced costs for park and recreation activities, music lessons, sports, field trips, and tutoring. In fact, parents who do home schooling may also qualify for this program if they fall within the specified income range. Find out more at your school district and apply for the opportunities if available. It is always good to know possible ways smart moms save time and money on projects like this.

Cleaning baby bottle

If you notice the gook that accumulates at the bottom of your baby’s bottle, do not be quick to dispose of it.  Pour some rice in the bottle and add few tablespoons of hot water. Shake vigorously to remove every stuck deposit and wash it out. You will have a clean bottle to use again. There are always ways smart moms save time and money on kids products.

Phone time toys

Always keep some special toys your kids love very much in a hidden closet. When ever you are on the phone and your kids are troubling you or misbehaving, pull out the toys and spread them on the floor for them. They will get involved and leave you alone.

Cheap bubble party

Add one part of Dawn original blue dish washing liquid to ten parts of distilled water to make a nice bubble solution. You may add ¼ part white corn syrup if you want the bubble to be more sturdy. Get items like Hula hoops with makeshift handle that kids can use for the bubbles or pour the bubble into plastic "kiddy" pool for kids to play with. You may use any items that can make bubbles. This is a cheap way to make your own bubbles. It is good to find out ways smart moms save time and money on "kiddy" projects.

Birthday party activity

Here is one of the cute ways smart moms save time and money on kids for their birthdays. This idea can be very helpful for girls. Buy some inexpensive fabrics from the clothes store and let the girls cut and design them for a small fashion show with their guests. They do not have to sow but pin them together.

Taking care of diaper rash

Diaper rash ointments and cream can be quite expensive. However, you can go the less expensive way to get the same result. Buy cheap zinc oxide from the health section in the store and use it as a diaper rash. It is the main ingredient in most of the expensive ointments in the store anyway.

Coupon trick-ways smart moms save time and money

Do you know you can turn shopping into an excitement time for kids and also reduce your time searching for products? Just give them the coupons to search for the items. They will jump to the occasion gladly. Give them the coupons to make the payment for the items at the check-out counter and give them the money you saved from the coupons. This helps the kids to appreciate saving some money and also sharpens their reading and math skills.

Whiteboard for your kids

It is quite expensive to get good whiteboard for your kids. The cheapest way to go is to buy a reasonable size shower board at Home Depot, Lowe's, or any home store and use it as whiteboard. Afterall, the ones in the store are made with the same product.  Mount it on the wall or put a cheap frame on it. It’s a great way smart moms save time and money.

Kids birthday at fire station

Do you know that some fire stations can let you have your kids birthday at their locations which is also supervised by fire men for a donation towards local charity? Call the stations and find out. Many kids love this. This can be one of the ways smart moms save time and money.

Buy kids clothes in advance

Try to estimate the sizes of clothes your kids will wear in a year and buy them in bulk at a clearance rate. For example, buy winter clothes when the season is over and they are put on sale.

Kids art for gift wrap

If your kid has many artworks from school, keep and convert them into beautiful gift wraps for relatives who will appreciate your kid’s contribution. It also saves you money and time.

Have you thought of reusable worksheets?

This will save you time and money. Buy some plastic sleeves from any office supply store and slip the worksheets and fun papers into them. Your children can write and draw on them with dry erase markers. They can be used over and over again.

Flannel backed plastic tablecloth for car seat cover

The cheapest way to prevent baby spills on your car seat is to cut flannel backed plastic tablecloth to line the seat. It is easier to sit on while the vinyl prevents the spill from getting to the seat.

Tennis shoe cleanup

If your kids have sticky substances like chewing gum, and play dough, or any kind of scuff marks or dirt, on the tennis shoe, a Soft Scrub cleaner can take care of it. Apply the scrub on a soft cloth and use it to clean the tennis shoe.

Home play dough for kids

This homemade play dough is much cheaper and better than store-made one. It lasts longer and can be left uncovered for a long time. Use the remedy below.

  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 2 tablespoons of oil
  • 2 cups of water
  • Few drops of food color

Add all the above ingredients together and stir to mix. Pour in a frying pan cook and scramble it like an egg. Stir for a few minutes until it is no longer wet but looks like a play-dough. Place it on a counter and kneed it for a few minutes. Place the dough in a plastic container or storage bag for use anytime.

Trace kids’ feet on paper

Trace your kids’ feet on paper every 4-6 months. Cut the pattern out and place them in your car compartment or bag. Anytime you run into any great shoe sales without the kids, use the pattern to gauge the size. This could be one of the simple ways smart moms save time and money.

Efficient baby wipe

Would you believe that Kleenex Cold Care can become an excellent baby wipe? Yes, they are strong and very soft. Just wet it lightly with warm water and use it as a baby wipe substitute. Works great.

Crayon clean up

If your kids use crayon on the painted surfaces, spray WD-40 on them and rinse off with warm water and liquid detergent. It does not matter if the crayon is non-washable, it will come out.

Kids and vegetables

Instead of forcing your kids to eat vegetables which they don’t like, make some fruit smoothies in a blender for them. As time goes on, add some vegetables like carrots, kale, and cabbage little by little. You may get them with that trick.

Crayon longevity

You can save money on your kids crayon by wrapping them up with masking tape. This will prevent them from breaking up quickly.

Weaning baby from bottle

One of the simplest ways to wean your baby off the bottle is to fill the bottle up with Kool-Aid without sugar, butter milk, or powdered milk. Put the good baby drink in a sipper cup and offer both to the kid, Watch and see which one the baby will go for. These are easy ways smart moms save time and money on baby foods.

Learning to brush

Whenever you come across pictures of people brushing their teeth in old magazines, cut them out and tape them on the bathroom mirror or walls. Kids try to emulate what they see in the pictures when they brush their teeth. This reduces your teaching time on brushing.

Dressing up kid in the morning

Some kids fight against dressing up in the mornings. Do not sweat it. After showering them at night, dress them up before putting them to bed. Sleeping in their school clothes for two weeks will prepare their minds to ease up.

Teaching kids to save money

This will go a long way to save you money and time down the road because you would not have to teach and spend money correcting them. Teach your older kids about managing checking account. Open a credit union or bank account for them and let then deposit their allowance to their accounts. Show them how to write checks, balance account and check balances. They will be on good road when they leave home. Consider applying these methods because these are some ways smart moms save time and money on important things.

Kids and food in refrigerator

If your children are constantly going to the fridge and eating more than you can buy, just remove the light bulb from the refrigerator. If they are that hungry they will search for the bulb. Simple tricks like this may create ways smart moms save time and money on going to the store and buying more food.

These are some ways smart moms save time and money by exploring many avenues. Hopefully, some of the avenues discussed here may be of great help to you.

You can also be innovative and find out for yourself more ways smart moms save time and money on many different children activities.

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